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1915 era railroad shed restoration project for the Interpretive Center

Caboose Coming! Restore a 1923 Caboose at the Railroad Interpretive Center

Passenger Car Project

passenger car trucksThe trucks (wheels) for the coach have arrived. These 1905 trucks are wood-cast-and steel and weigh 16,200 pounds! We set the trucks down on our museum rails and are now patiently waiting for the coach to arrive to set them atop the wheels for its new home!

passenger car trucksThe 1905 Passenger Car is on it's way! It has been loaded on a flat car, wrapped for travel, and is on its way to Granby! Watch the video below to see the initial loading of the coach in Rhode Island! The coach left Rhode Island Sea View Rail Yard via the Providence & Worcester RR on Monday, heading to Providence; then switches to the CSX RR to St. Louis; then switches to Union Pacific RR to Omaha; then to Denver and finally to Granby. We are looking at the end of June for its arrival in Granby.

The car weighs 80,000 lbs. The flat car is 90' long and will be spotted on the Granby house track. We have three days to unload the coach before we get charged for storage.

Terry's Crane Service from Salida has a 80 ton crane to handle the coach. The town of Granby has a loader that can handle the trucks. I estimate the cost of the crane to be $3,500.00. We will need help to unload the coach and to help pay for the crane. If you would like to help in any way, please contact Dave Naples at 970-509-9894 or email

restoration work on 1923 caboose
We received the trucks (wheels) for the 1905 Passenger Car, and Fraser Crane helped move them to the track in the Interpretive Center.

Help Financially with the 1905 Passenger Car Project
The 1905 Central Vermont Car has been donated to the Grand County Model Railroad Club to preserve at the museum, but requires money to get the car here along with the cost of restoration. It will cost approximately $25,000 to move the car from Rhode Island to Granby, and another $30,000 for restoration. To donate specifically for this project, Donate Now and mark your donation to be allocated to the 1905 Passenger Car. If you would like to help get this project underway by donating resources, please contact Dave Naples at 970-509-9894 or email

passenger car exteriorAbout the Car
This car was one of several similarly designed cars for use in a single first class train of the period. The car, formerly No. 382, is the sole survivor of the series, having outlasted its sisters through demotion to work train service and use as a rider car with the wreck train. The car was built in 1905 by the American Car & Foundry Company, who also built the same model for David Moffat's railroad.

The car is 70 feet long overall, about 14 feet high and weighs about 48 tons. It is presently located on private land on rail connected to the national rail passenger car interiorsystem. However, due to its age, it cannot move on its own wheels.

The Car's Features
The car has a wood body and a steel under frame with truss rods. Windows are paired with a single arched pane spanning each pair of operable sash. All operable sash have storm windows. The car has a vented but enclosed clerestory, and open vestibules, which were originally closed, the original vestibule doors having long since disappeared. Most of the car remains intact including its inlaid mahogany paneling, smoking compartment and toilet compartments at each end. A single corner lavatory with its faucets and piping remains of the original plumbing fixtures.

passenger car interiorOther original fixtures in the car include brass wire luggage racks, brass window hardware, two mirrors and a few match-striking pads in the smoking compartment. Although two upholstered walkover seats came with the car, it is doubtful that either of these is original to the car, but may be of an even earlier period as both have wooden seat frames.

The car rides on its original six-wheel wood beam passenger trucks and still maintains its original draft gear and couplers. The car is equipped with air brakes.passenger car interior

Exterior restoration work completed to date includes: (1)*residing of the exterior with tongue and groove red cedar siding, (2)*replacement of most window sills with a non-rotting tropical hardwood, (3)*new storm sash, (4)*temporary enclosure of the clerestory using plywood and aluminum vents (5)*approximately 80% of the *B* end vestibule has been rebuilt.

passenger car interiorThe B end was considered to be in the better condition of the two ends, thereby providing the most intact pieces for replication and measurement. New specially made pieces were replicated using mahogany to replace the rotted wood at both ends of the car. These pieces will be sold with the car along with oak timbers used to replace the end sills and crash posts.

Refinishing of the woodwork in the central third of the car's interior has also been done. With some tender loving care, this car will make a great museum piece.

We are very thankful to have come across the opportunity to restore this passenger car through Ozark Mountain Railcar and its private owner. Grand County Model Railroad Club is committed to complete the restoration of the car, and intends to display the car on the Museum property which will foster community involvement. Current photos courtesy Ozark Mountain Railcar.

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